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20 years of emotions with you!

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You are Disneyland Paris!

by Disneyland Paris

Everyone has a Disneyland® Paris story. There are those that helped build the dream.  Those that followed their dreams. And those that share theirs dreams with others.
For some people, the adventure started decades ago, and for others it began much more recently.  Two, ten or twenty years later – their enthusiasm remains as strong today as it was in the beginning.
Over the last two decades, Disneyland Paris has blossomed thanks to many talented people who have worked on behalf of the destination and its guests.  That bloom has also been accompanied by an enrichment and development of the local area.  This makes Disneyland Paris a story of businesses and communities that have flourished thanks to the vitality that the tourist destination has brought to the area. So, whether those special people work in a Disney hotel, for example, in local administration or for a service provider, they all have a Disneyland Paris story.
What’s your Disneyland Paris story?

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  1. Cha Am Beach says:

    great stuff :P definitely enjoyed this post, i will read a little more on the site after i’m done with work! :)

  2. Disneygraphy says:

    It’s really great to see how so many Cast Members with so many different backgrounds share their stories.
    It’s you who make the magic work!
    Thank you for making every visit to the Disneyland Paris resort an unforgetable experience!

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