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Last Trip to the Moon

by DisneyKristof, Fan

My story is about Space Mountain – de la terre à la lune, my all time favourite Disney attraction. With its Jules Verne storyline, impressive Victorian theming and most importantly the amazing music, made this attraction the heart and soul of Discoveryland. But my everlasting memory of Space Mountain took place 7 years ago, on January 15 2005 to be exact. That was the day Space Mountain: de la terre à la lune would fly passengers to the moon for the very last time, as it would receive the Mission 2 layover the months after. Right after Disney’s Fantillusion had passed Central Plaza, we hurried to the entrance of the attraction, right in time it seemed as the closing announcement just started playing. When we got to the loading station, we had the chance to ride in the very last train, on the very last row! Swirling through the darkness to the beats of Steve Bramson’s soundtrack, my favorite theme park music of all time, and seeing the Moon smiling for the last time down on us, made me feel nostalgic, as this attraction was the whole reason why I fell in love with Disneyland Paris in the first place.
When the moon train got back to the station, Cast Members had lined up on each side of the station to welcome us back with an enormous and emotional applause. We purchased the on ride photo as an everlasting souvenir of a Disneyland Paris night to remember.


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  1. herbert says:

    Lucky one!

    I was so dissappointed after riding SM Mission 2 the first time. A lot of this nice Jules Verne atmosphere is gone now. And the new soundtrack is nothing compared to the one Steve Bramson composed. :-(

    Maybe one day Mission 2 will be finished an we will return to the original mission….

    BTW: Who was responsible for changing the ride?

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