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20 years of emotions with you!

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I dreamed of a book… The making of “20 Years of Dreams”

by Jeremie, Fan

Imagine the surprise… Summer 2011, Disneyland Paris calls me: “would you like to be the author of the 20th anniversary book of the Park?” The answer is obvious and sounds the beginning of a wonderful adventure…
From then on, with head of project Mathias Dugoujon, it’s an exciting exchange of ideas on the personality of the book, the events to treat, the documents to gather, the artists and executives to contact. Discussions are rich, passionate and definitely friendly. My texts have to guide readers throughout the history of Disneyland Paris, as a link between events, places and people.
So many things happened in 20 years, and the amount of information to treat is staggering! Our graphic design, Jonathan “Titash” Franczyk researches about the designs of each year to design the different chapters of the book. Mathias flies to Walt Disney Imagineering, in California, to gather never-seen-before concept art. Meanwhile, the Disneyland Paris archives are exceptionally opened for me to study documents of the time, photos, plans and other memorabilia that are to be added to our pages.
From that incredible adventure, I’ll keep the pleasure to work with Disneyland Paris and the many interviews I did for the book. That project was essentially about meeting people, learning from those who created the Resort or presently help create the magic every day. You’re never the same after meeting such extraordinary persons. And for me, writing this book was also a way to tell them “thank you” for those incredible 20 years of dreams…
From Euro Disney to the conception of Val d’Europe and now of the upcoming Villages Nature, my journey through the history of Disneyland Paris was like drinking from the fountain of youth. Because, after 20 years, “you’re never too old to be young!”


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