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20 years of emotions with you!

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How a dream came true – and more magical things can happen

by Chiyo, Fan

My story actually begins in the year 1995, when I saw the movie “The Lion King” for the first time in the cinema. I was so amazed by that movie, and my favorite character was a small meerkat named Timon, who teached me how to leave my past behind and live with “Hakuna Matata” I just left a religious group and didn’t know what to do with my life.
I also had the “Mickey Mouse Magazine”, and they had a report about Disneyland Paris, and the “Lion King Celebraton”, which running that time. And there was this competition. You could win a trip to Disneyland and watch the Parade. I definitley wanted to win, so I sent a postcard… but I hadn’t luck, and stayed in Germany, with nothing than my dreams.
Years passed by, but in 2008 I suddenly had the chance finally to visit the parc of my dreams.
With some friends I celebrated Halloween there, and I had the wonderful chance to see Timon after the “The Legend Of Lion King” Show. I hugged him and put all my love and thankfulness into this hug. It was so amazing! Timon had regcognized me, because I sat in the front row and I had a Timon Plushie in my arms.
After that, I saw Timon again at the “Character’s Express”, he formed a heart with his paws, and it felt to me, as he would give his strength and his happiness to me, so can live on after very bad experiences.
A few months later I went on a airplane, and found my self in Walt Disney World, Orlando, as a Castmember, working for one year in the German Pavillon and meeting Timon so many times!
And it’s not over yet, I am going back to Walt Disney World on September 4th, this time for Guest Relations, and after that, I really want to work there, where everything began: In Disneyland Paris – where my dream came true and growed into bigger ones!
Merci beaucop Disneyland Paris!


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