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20 years of emotions with you!

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Crying a river

by Daniel Sil, Fan

It was my first time at Disneyland, I was nine years old and it was a gift from my parents for passing all four grades of primary school with good marks. We travelled by car to Paris, visiting the city for four days and then we stayed at Davy Crockett Ranch for three days on Disneyland (Resort) Paris. We’ve been to every single attraction in the park, making worth all those years of effort and all the money we’ve paid, Indiana Jones was also my first loop (and, back in that time, backwards) coaster. So, during the nighttime parade on our last day, I remember being next to City Hall watching it when suddenly, during the last car float (with Minnie), I realised that it was over, all those years that I’ve waited for that were over, and tears start to fall from my eyes. I didn’t make a sound, I didn’t move, I just kept watching it, with tears falling, and I’m pretty sure Minnie Mouse saw me because she waved straight to me and put her hand to her mouth, showing a kind of worry about me crying. My parents then realised I was crying and promised me we will be coming back soon, I didn’t believe at first, I just wanted one more day, but I didn’t say anything. Fortunately, it was true, in 2006 we were back, for the second of, currently, six times at Disneyland Paris (the last was summer 2012). Since that time, I can say I’m a true Disney fan and I can’t wait to return to Disneyland Paris and to meet other Disney Parks around the world.


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