Disneyland Paris Generations - 20 years of emotions with you!

20 years of emotions with you!


by rock23chick, Fan

Let me tell you the first time I can remember visiting Disneyland Paris, I was so amazed at what I saw I felt very emotional. I visited with my brother, grandma and mum. I don’t think any of them felt the same way I did as they were all grown up and didn’t believe in the magic that was/is disney. When I saw the night time fireworks tears came to my eyes and I became all choked up, I loved it and wanted to buy the soundtrack that the fireworks ran to straight away, we only went for the one day and I was so happy that I feel asleep on the train ride back to Paris and I had beautiful dreams of Mickey and all my other favourite characters that I saw that day.
I have had wonderful dreams whenever I have fallen asleep thinking of disney ever since, I was 14 years old then and I am now 24, I have been nearly every 2 years since I was 14 and I have loved every moment of Disney since.
I am now going again in June and I am so looking forwards to celebration the 20th Anniversary especially since I am bringing my 2 favourite children and their mum along with me.
Excited is not the word I am way over excited!!! :-)


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