Disneyland Paris Generations - 20 years of emotions with you!

20 years of emotions with you!

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1. What is Disneyland Paris Generations?

Disneyland Paris Generations has been set up to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris.  It aims to involve others in building the destination’s online memoirs through a shared, interactive Web platform.

Disneyland Paris Generations provides web user with articles and features on the destination’s history and anniversary while paying tribute to its talented Cast Members. The site is a creative, participative, happy and friendly place.  It also lets all Web users become members of the Disneyland Paris Generations community – be they fans, Cast Members or guests.  They can join this community by sharing their personal memories and uploading their stories, photos and videos.

2. Which operating systems and browsers can I use for Disneyland Paris Generations?

On PCs or Macs, the site is compatible with all recent browsers:  Chrome, Opera, Firefox 3, Safari (from version 3), Internet Explorer (from version 7).

Smartphones and tablets can also be used with iOS Apple for iPhone, iPod, iPad; OS Android Google; Windows Phone 7 and Windows XP (tablet edition).

3. What can I do on Disneyland Paris Generations?

Site users have free access to all content (articles, features, photos and videos). They may also rate the different content without having to register or connect (giving between one and five Mickey heads to each piece). Web users must only comment once per article or story. Those who are not registered may still share site contents with their networks and contacts through the sharing functions of social media (Facebook, Twitter and Google +).

Those who wish to submit stories, photos and videos should begin by registering with Disneyland Paris Generations.

4. How can I register on Disneyland Paris Generations?

Those who wish to register should click on the ‘Sign in’ button on the top right of the home page, and then on the following window’s ‘Sign in’ button. All mandatory fields should be completed on the registration form before users read and accepting the conditions for site use.

It is also possible to register with a Facebook account by clicking on ‘Sign in with Facebook’ (via the Facebook Connect module). By choosing this option, users register on the site with their Facebook user data.

Once a registration request has been submitted and validated, the user will receive an email to verify their identity and activate their account. By registering, users may send their stories, photos and videos (via ‘Share your story’) to the Disneyland Paris Generations moderation team.

5. How can I connect to Disneyland Paris Generations?

Those registered on the site need only click once on ‘Sign in’ on the top right of the home page.  The user’s email address and password should then be entered, or they should click on ‘Sign in with Facebook’.  If cookies are authorised then appliances will automatically recognise and connect users each time they visit the site.

6. What can I do on Disneyland Paris Generations once signed in and connected?

Each site user who is registered and connected can submit stories, photos and videos of their most magical moments, memories of their first resort visit or something special that happened there. They can also comment on articles and posts published on the site (in a space for comments located after the publications).

All content (texts, photos and videos) and comments are moderated by the Disneyland Paris Generations team before being posted online.

7. How can I send and share my stories?

All users who wish to share their stories should begin by registering and connecting to the site. They should then click on ‘Share your story’ on the home page. Users should complete all mandatory fields on the registration form before reading and accept the site conditions.

Required fields that relate to a submission include the title for each story, the year (between 1992 and 2012) and the location (Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, attractions, Disney Hotels, Disney Village). After this, links may be added to existing videos on YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo (video name + URL address of the page).  Alternatively, users may download photos or videos directly (each submission being accompanied by a maximum of ten files not exceeding 1 Go).

8. What language can I write my stories in?

The Disneyland Paris Generations platform is bilingual (French / English). All articles and contents generated by Disneyland Paris will be available in both languages. Users may switch between languages (French and English) via the home page.

In the section ‘Share your story’, site users are asked explicitly to send their contributions in either French or English (only). The moderation team reserves the right not to publish papers written in other languages (this relates primarily to text and not specifically to videos).

9. What are the pre-requisites for sending the photos and videos?

In the module ‘Share your story’, photos and videos may be downloaded directly, with a maximum of ten files for a total of 1 Go. The following technical specifications should be observed:

Photo (per file):
- Maximum weight: 3 Mo per file,
- Formats accepted: .jpeg, .png or .gif.

Video (per file):
- Image size and scale: minimum 360 pixels wide in standard 4/3 or 16/9 formats, or 1280×720 pixels or 1920×1080 pixels in high definition 16/9.
- Maximum length advised: 5 minutes.
- Formats accepted: .mov, .avi, .wmv, .mpeg4, .mpeg2, .mpegs, .3gp, .webm, .flv.

10. Can I modify my information? How do I access my account?

Users must be connected to access their account.  Once connected, the ‘Sign in’ option at the top right of the home page will be replaced by the user name. By clicking on the user name, account information will be shown and users may modify their details here: civil status, first name, last name, country, town, post code, email address, password and user name (or pseudo). Only date of birth and profile (fan, Cast Member or guest) may not be modified.

11. What if I forget my password?

Those who forget their password may click on ‘Sign in’ at the top right of the home page, then on ‘Forgot password’. They will then be asked to enter their email address and click on ‘Find my password’. An email containing their password will then automatically be sent to their account.

12. How can I cancel my account and content on Disneyland Paris Generations?

Web users may cancel their account by clicking on ‘Un-register from the site’ and then confirming their decision. Once an account is cancelled all the associated profile data, stories and comments connected with any articles or features will be cancelled.

13. What is the moderation policy on Disneyland Paris Generations?

The moderation charter specific to this site makes mandatory the acceptance of the Disneyland Paris moderation policy (see general Conditions of Use of the Site). All contributions made by web users (stories, photos, videos, etc.) will be moderated by the Disneyland Paris team. Platform moderators reserve the right to refuse publication of material judged inappropriate (see the General Conditions of Use of the Site). The team will moderate all comments posted by site users in discussion areas on a daily basis, and it reserves the right to refuse publication of material judged inappropriate (aggressive, insulting, pornographic, discriminatory, etc.).

14. How can I point out content that I feel is illicit or inappropriate?

Web users may request that content judged as illicit or inappropriate should be cancelled by clicking on ‘Contact us’. Among other things, Disneyland Paris reserves the right to block site access for any member who has used this function in an unjustified, repeated and abusive manner.  The company may also cancel the user’s profile.

15. Whom should I contact for a specific question on the Disneyland Paris Generations site?

Any questions or comment on the Disneyland Paris Generations site may be submitted via the contact form (‘Contact us’).