Disneyland Paris Generations - 20 years of emotions with you!

20 years of emotions with you!

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20th Anniversary, the year no one should miss!

by Philippe Gas

In 2012, we celebrated our 20th Anniversary and it just would not have been the same without you!

Everyone has a Disneyland Paris story.

We wanted you to be part of our celebration because Disney magic is most powerful when it’s shared with friends, family and loved ones.  That sort of sharing began more than two decades ago, and it’s why so many families visit the resort.  Many of our ‘grown-ups’ still remember the excitement the resort created in them as kids, and that’s something they want to share with their children today.  It’s unique to Disneyland Paris.

Sharing is also at the heart of this platform.  As you look through the site, you’ll see that we’ve already included some of our stories.  And because you’re such a big part of our history, we’d like you to use your own words, pictures and videos to tell your part of the story. Let’s make our Disneyland Paris memory as rich and colourful as it deserves to be.


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