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20 years of emotions with you!

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Focus on: what is the Disneyland Generation?

by Disneyland Paris

Matthieu: ‘When you’re 20, people take you seriously’ 

Matthieu is 20-years old and he lives in a 28m² apartment, across from his school in Paris’s twelfth district. Easy-going, he tells us about his doubts, projects, passions and how he sees society.

‘When you’re twenty you finally get taken seriously. It’s when you get to make real decisions. I’m in my second year in a preparatory school in Paris. Economy is key to understanding what’s going on in the world. Later I’d like to be either a researcher, run my own business or teach. It’s a huge decision to make, with enormous responsibility. Whatever happens, my family will support me. My parents live in Nancy with my brother, Guillaume who’s sixteen, and my sister, Anouck who’s fourteen. I try to go out and see them once a month. I’m also really close to my grand-parents, uncles and aunts.

My first time at Disneyland was with my uncle. I must have been seven. The Mickey sign on the motorway had always made me want to go there! Nine years ago we went back to celebrate my Dad’s fortieth.  Leisure time is really important for my well-being! When I was in CE1 [around seven-years old], I spent eighteen months in New York with my parents. I discovered American football there.  It’s an impressive spectator sport, with enormous team spirit. I also played rugby for ten years, and then basket-ball.

In May, I’m going to spend a few days in Berlin with some friends, and then a week in Barcelona this summer. Then I’ll be working as a waiter in a restaurant. It’s when I’m out with my friends that I forge most of my opinions. I’m pretty confident in the future. Our society has gone through many crises and we’ve always managed to get through! Young people can change things. Next year I’ll be getting involved in outreach work and a political party. And in May, I’ll vote for the first time in a presidential election. That’s a turning point.  In one month my outlook on life will change, depending on the school where I’m accepted.


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