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Focus on “Disneyland Paris, destination holidays?”

by Disneyland Paris

‘Holidays – a guaranteed change of scenery’

Delphine and Xavier are 32- and 36-years old respectively, and they live in the Paris area with their two kids, Quentin (5-years old) and Timothée (18-months old). They would not miss their summer holidays for anything, and they tell us about the dreams that fill their imaginations.

They need a change of scenery during their holidays. ‘It is a special moment when we forget our day-to-day preoccupations,’ mention Delphine and Xavier. The couple generally go away with their two boys, Quentin and Timothée, for two or three weeks during the month of August. Then they normally go away for one week in December. In the winter they head for the mountains, near Chamonix, where they have relatives. ‘We love the outdoors and long walks.’  In the summer they try different destinations as they like to discover new places. This year they are going to the Auvergne region for a week, attracted by the possibility to go hiking. They will then spend a week at Biscarosse, on the shores of the lake, an ideal place for the kids.
‘Before we had the boys we got around more often. We’d go further away – particularly abroad,’ Delphine adds. Their best holiday memories are of a summer spent in Portugal’s Algarve, where they camped, before visiting Granada and Seville on their way home.  And there was also their honeymoon on the Greek islands.
Holidays are often about spending time together with the family and discovering new interests. Five-year old Quentin likes going to the pool, having picnics and playing with his football or cars. He loves zoos and aquariums and Disneyland Paris.  He visited for the first time in 2011 with his parents, grand-parents and aunt. The visit was magical.
‘We’d already visited many times before,’ Xavier says. ‘When I was twelve or thirteen, I went with my Dad.  Delphine went with friends when she was sixteen.  At the time we were more interested in the big attractions – like Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.’ With Quentin, they discovered sections of the park they had never explored before. The youngster was impressed by the characters, and he simply loved the Carrousel, the Pays des Contes de fées and “It’s a small world” – which he calls ‘the dolls’ world’. Since then he often talks about it. And he already knows what he wants to do on his next trip (planned for December)! There is no doubt that holidays also mean just that: a short time spent in a different place, and sharing magic for a day or two with the family.


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