Disneyland Paris Generations - 20 years of emotions with you!

20 years of emotions with you!

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Disneyland Generation: 1992-2012

Over the last twenty years so much has gone on at Disneyland Paris that it would take hours to show it all.  So we decided to speed everything up by packing over 1,000 images into just three minutes.  There are the emotions, events, encounters and inventions.  We included the opening of Space Mountain: Mission Twoand Walt Disney Studios® Park. There are the Millennium Celebrations and our First, Fifth, Tenth and Fifteenth Anniversaries.  How many of these images can you recognise and date? Blink and you’ll miss some.

20 years of Magic

by Disneyland Paris

If you were sending a birthday card to Disneyland Paris for its 20th Anniversary, what would it be like?  It would have to be a pretty special card to celebrate two excitement-packed decades.  It would have to salute the dreams and developments. The magic and the milestones.  The friends from afar and the famous faces.

Your birthday card would probably pay tribute to the work that went into building a fairy tale kingdom in the heart of France.  When you opened it up, the card would mention something about how Disneyland Paris consistently offered new and exciting experiences to guests of all ages from throughout Europe.  It would talk about the heart-warming moments that families have shared, while offering a veritable explosion of colour.

Your card would probably be packed full of Pixie Dust, sealed in an envelope of innovation and stamped with Disney creativity.

But above all, your card would probably be signed, ‘with love’.