Disneyland Paris Generations - 20 years of emotions with you!

20 years of emotions with you!

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Carte blanche for creation

In 2008 the first temporary gallery came to life in the Parisian Metro network as a joint project between Troy Henriksen and Disneyland® Paris.  It was then in 2009 that the famous Champs-Elysées avenue was magiced by Disneyland Paris and Collectif 1980 through a series of frescoes that combined art and innovative black light technology. More recently, in 2010, David Bersanetti played with the themes of Halloween and Disney to create an eye-catching fresco made of bonbons!

20 years of Cultural influences

by Disneyland Paris

Disneyland® Paris was long considered as an ‘American’ destination. But how could anyone have forgotten that Walt Disney was actually inspired by a wealth of European cultures? Europe has always been present in his work, whether it be through literature, movies, architecture or landscaping.

In 1928, Walt Disney invented the first animated short with synchronised sound, Steamboat Willie. Then in the 1940s he began work on a crazy project with Salvador Dali, the animated movie Destino. It was during the summer of 1935, however, that he visited Europe with his brother, and then went back home again with over 300 publications to enrich his artistic influences.

The animated movies produced by the Disney Studios represent bridges between intellectual and popular cultures, and they helped the art form of animation to reach a wide audience. There are countless tributes to Western artworks such as fairy tales by Charles Perrault and the Grimm brothers to German expressionist movies!

Today the current flows in both directions.  Influences go between European’s number one tourist destination and many artistic circles, with Disney often inspiring its peers. New art forms are created in fashion, gastronomy, literature and even photography.  All of this can only make culture lovers rejoice.