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20 years of emotions with you!

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20 years of the Ambassador Programme

by Disneyland Paris

Present in each of the Disney resorts across the world, the Ambassador programme is a tradition that dates from 1965.

At the time, the tenth anniversary of Disneyland® was just around the corner, and Walt was having difficulty being in more than one place at a time. There was the Magic Kingdom, the opening of Mary Poppins, the creation of four attractions for the New York World’s Fair and the development of ‘project X’ (the future Walt Disney World Resort).

This was when Walt decided to pay tribute to his Cast Members’ talents by selecting someone to represent him. A VIP Guide from Guest Relations was chosen, Julie Reihm, and the Ambassador programme was born.  Julie then began welcoming celebrities and promoting Walt’s first tourist destination.

The programme was so successful, in fact, that it still exists today. At Disneyland Paris, no less than twenty one Cast Members have filled the role since opening in 1992. Ambassadors are the official representatives of Disneyland Paris and its Cast Members.  As such they embody the talents and diversity of the entire Cast during official events, and by sponsoring the Disney VoluntEARS outreach programme.

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